Where have I been???

The MAJOR reason that I have not posted much this year is due to ill health.

Apart from a pacemaker insertion in February, there has been nothing life threatening or major BUT there has been so many varied ailments that any individual might have one of over their lifetime but I have had most of them over one year!

For scale let me list the approximate number of procedures:
- General anaesthetic - 10
- Local anaesthetic - 1
- Emergency admissions - 3
- Hospital admissions - 7
- Imaging appointments - 5
- Blood tests - lost count!
- GP / specialist appointments - too many!

Not a lot of time left for living life sadly. Bad for me, but really bad for Robin who had to put her life mostly on hold as I couldn't be depended upon to go anywhere or do anything. Just miserable!

Bye for now, BomberBoy