aka 'Canon Corner'

Eye-Fi 8GB Wireless SD Card

Just picked up one of these fancy new wi-fi enables SD cards. I have to say that the system/infrastructure/technology in this thing is just ridiculous.

I thought it would be plug and play and zap photos from your camera to a PC/iOS device. Definitely not P&P, not because it is badly designed but due the the almost overwhelming array of options, features and configuration possibilities. Also I am still getting my head around when to configure the 'card', when to configure Eye-Hi server and when to change options on the receiving device (PC or iOS). Again, not Eye-Fi's fault just to say that this is a very 'complete' solution.

Canon 5D + Eye-Fi

The 8GB Pro X2 geotagging version was my card of choice as it is capable of transferring RAW as well as JPEG files. I have it now up and running to my PC and about to start my iPad & iPhone 'Direct Mode' implementation. The card is recognised by the Canon 5D Mark III and even adds an Eye-Fi menu item to the Tools section on the Canon's Menu system. Pretty cool.

More soon.