aka 'Canon Corner'

Canon 1D MkIII Initial Thoughts

I have had the new camera for a little over a month now. And I am enjoying using it even more than I thought I would.

Initial impressions are always important. If feels really well balanced when you hold it in your hand. Very comfortable to shoot with, particularly helped by a very 'large' and bright viewfinder. I seem to be able to read the settings easier with the 1D than I can with the 5D.

Robin riding Scooter at Drouin - 2010

Battery life is excellent (as is the 5D) enabling extended shooting sessions without needing to worry about running out of juice. Of course for critical sessions, it is always worth having a spare battery nearby.

Porsche GT1 and Martini Porsche 935 at Bathurst - 2010

I am still learning the camera and related controls, but one setting that has proven valuable so far is the 'AI Servo' focusing system. With some of Robin's riding shots, this function holds the focus really well while I wave the camera around trying to follow the horse's movements. I probably shouldn't be surprised that this works as advertised!

Cowra Japanese Gardens - 2010

Finally, the weight of the camera is really confidence inspiring with respect to it's durability and robustness. I spoke with a working photo journo who was photographing me (!) recently and he was most effusive in his praise of the 1D and it's dust and weather sealing and ability to handle day-in, day-out handling & punishment. Sounds good to me.

Red Sunset at Mt Eliza - 2010

The most praise I can offer on this camera so far is that I want to take it with me everywhere. Nuff said!