aka 'Canon Corner'

Ongoing enjoyment of my iPhone 5

I continue to learn about and be challenged by my Canon 5D Mk3, but it is my iPhone 5 that is giving me more 'excitement' at the moment.

Lexus GS 430 outside our detailer - 2013

Why? Two obvious reasons. Firstly, it is the camera that you always have on you so those Instgram restaurant pics or limited-edition Ferrari road side captures are always possible. Secondly, and more important, is because it is not a very good camera. What??? Overcoming the fixed focal length, crappy flash, small sensor, lens flare and other limitations require the photographer (well me at least) to consider the subject, available light, aspect ratio, composition much more critically than when I am using the DSLR.

Winter Dam
Wet and dreary winter, Mt Eliza - 2013

Of course I have lots of happy snaps with my iPhone that should not be seen by anyone other than consenting family members. But every now and again I work on an opportunity or subject and come up with surprisingly good results up to A5 size or better.

Maroochydore skyline - 2013

Just to be clear, I am not claiming Pullitzer status with any of this 'work', just to say the discipline is beneficial and that harder work brings better results. Perhaps at my age I should have known that anyway! And I am sure similar (or better) results could be achieved with Windows or Android phones. No Apple 'flaming' please!

Porsche 911 C4S
Porsche in paradise (well Merricks General Store anyway) - 2013

Some great iPhonography resources exist on the web and I admit to buying some iPhone hardware and software add-ons and doo-dads of dubious quality / practicality but they have been fun to explore and try even if they don't fall into daily use. I have lots more to learn but it has been a great ride so far and the effort will make me a better photographer with the big rig in the long run.

The jetty at Maroochydore - 2013

By way of full disclosure, some of the above images may have seen the insides of Apple's Aperture and NIK Software's Snapseed applications.