aka 'Canon Corner'

iPhone Photography Challenge

We are about to head off to Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast for a couple of weeks rest and relaxation after a pretty difficult winter health-wise.

For various reasons, we are flying Jetstar which many of you would know have pretty severe baggage limits. This necessitates some serious prioritisation and decision making.

The biggest decision is that I am leaving the 5D Mk3 at home! To take the big Canon and one lens doesn't make much sense. You really need everything or nothing - charger, spare battery, prime and zoom lenses, flash, spare cards, cleaning gear, decent tripod, backpack to put it all in. There goes my entire baggage limit! And the Apple MacBook Pro won't be going either, just the iPhone and the iPad. I am getting sweaty palms already just thinking about not having my favourite toys with me.

Dark days as the 5D will stay on the bench, not go the beach - 2013

Although I will take the P&S Leica as a 'backup', I plan to use the iPhone as my primary camera. Why I hear you ask… Here are a few reasons:

  • This is not our first trip to Maroochydore and I have lots of 'decent' shots of this location. No doubt I could take better ones but at least I have a 'DSLR' record of the area;
  • My challenge (to myself) is to use the iPhone to record the feel and mood of the town and people, not to take the glory sunrise shot over the ocean;
  • I like 'iPhonography' but haven't dedicated myself to fully leveraging the in-phone camera and the supporting apps for taking pictures and editing them;
  • By removing some of the complexity of the gear, I will try to focus (pardon the pun) on aspect ratio, composition, colour or black and white for example before taking the picture rather than relying on cropping and post-processing. It should make me 'think' more;
  • The lack of 'zoom' will make me get closer to the action and force a little more creativity (and experimentation);
  • I have a number of iPhone camera 'add-ons', lenses, remote shutter release, glif stand / tripod mount, mini-tripod etc to help me get the maximum out of the iPhone5;
  • Also I am looking forward to seeing what I can do in terms of editing my pictures either 'in camera' or on the iPad. No Lightroom or Aperture allowed!;
  • I want to test how easy it is to take OK pictures, edit and share via Flickr (or Instagram) while on the road with access to limited bandwidth;
  • Set a target of posting one quality shot per day so I will have a 'book' of 14 pictures at the end of the fortnight.
It will be a test but it will also be a lot of fun. Wish me luck!