aka 'Canon Corner'

Hello Lightroom, goodbye Aperture

The time has come. I need to make the switch. I know Apple to Adobe is bad, but it could be worse if I had to move from Canon to Nikon….

I received a 12 month subscription to lynda.com last year for my birthday and I have used it learn the finer points of my Canon 5D Mk111 and some Speedlight flash photography instruction.

I should say, I bought LR3 a little while ago, upgraded to LR4 the following year and received a free copy of LR5 with my Leica P&S purchase a couple of years back. And that is the version I currently have, upgraded to current release 5.7. To be honest apart from playing, and finding it way different to Apple's Aperture, the icon stayed pretty silent in the dock of my MacBook Pro.

But with an inevitable move to Lightroom being necessary sooner or later, I figured I had better jump on board now while I still have access to my training subscription.

I am fairly proficient in Aperture and don't have a workflow per se. I just import my images, hop in and edit, publish online somewhere (website or Flickr) and get out. Lightroom seems to demand more discipline and process than I am used to. I am now a few hours into the Basic modules of Library and Develop and I must admit that I am impressed. Very powerful but probably too flexible. Certainly too many choices and options for a newbie to get their head around quickly. But the Develop module does give impressive results pretty quickly once you get a basic understanding of the sliders and their function and impact on the tonality and presentation of your images.

More to come.