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Sigma Sample Images

As promised, I took the Sigma along on my vacation strapped to the Canon 5D. It was a very 'usable' lens for holiday photos with the focal length being useful for landscape, wildlife and action shots. No surprise, the lens doesn't feel as robust and smooth as my Canon 'L' lenses but doesn't claim to be and isn't priced as such. Interestingly, the Canon 5D / Aperture 3.1.3 combination didn't recognise the lens correctly in the EXIF data. Overall, I enjoyed this lens very much and without much effort (or thinking) I managed to get a few decent hand held shots.


I like the tones in this picture. Darker foreground and pastel layers as the image progresses towards & beyond Mt Coolum.


This little guy did a superb job of posing as we went for a beach side walk one day. Lace monitors are common apparently on the coast.

_MG_2954 (1)

One afternoon I wandered down to the beach and tried a few surfing shots. This was probably the best action shot of the set.


Not a great technical picture, but the surf and the flag conjures up a real Queensland vibe.

The net result is that I am very happy with my purchase and the image quality matches my skill level perfectly. For once, I haven't over invested...