aka 'Canon Corner'

Come on down, NIK Software

Most enthusiastic amateur photographers will come across many, many, MANY photo editing suites looking for our money as 'we' scan the web on a regular basis.

Readers of this site will know my Apple Aperture preference, plus my entree to Lightroom courtesy of included software with my Leica D-Lux 5 purchase.

I have always held a desire for the NIK Software suite of plug-ins, particularly Silver Efex Pro 2, the (almost) industry standard for Black and White processing. The problem always was the price. Serious $$$, for serious software.

Recently NIK were purchased by Google and the doom and gloom merchants were predicting the quick (or slow) death of the software. Well, maybe not.

Last week, Google announced a minor re-branding plus a major price reduction. A 50%+ reduction to widen the customer base and boost revenues seemed like a smart commercial decision, the likes of which Google are not always famous for despite their obvious skills & strengths.

So I bought the suite, six plug-in modules in all, for Aperture AND Lightroom. The same plug-ins for use on both of my major photo editing platforms.

I am a really happy camper!