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Acoustic Revive RR-888

I have been fascinated by devices developed and sold by the Japanese company, Acoustic Revive, for quite some time. You can get a sense of the range, breadth and general weirdness of their products please check the website. Interestingly, when I was researching options for Australian purchase, there were warnings about counterfeit items being in the market at discounted prices. If true, then someone seems to feel that the RR-888 (and / or it's predecessors the RR-77 and RR-777) are worth trying to scam people with. A strangely positive situation me thinks…

Packaging is typically complete in Japanese fashion - 2015

Recent hype has been around a device that purports to aid human auditory responses by 'pulsing' the listening room with a Schumann Frequency (7.83 Hz), the same frequency as the resonance of the earth. Spooky stuff.

From the Acoustic Revive website:

'RR-888 changes your listening room to the sound field without muddiness and fills it with a feeling of air, reproducing a realistic sound stage where all the musical instruments are set free.'

But does it work? The answer is a definite 'maybe'.

The Acoustic Revive RR-888 in situ - 2015

The box itself is a plastic / polycarbonate case with a simple circuit board generating the frequency. The recommendation for installation is to place the device at a height of 5 feet or more. Unfortunately, I don't have such a spot available at this time so it is currently sitting at a little over 3 feet. Forum reports are fairly consistent that this is NOT the correct position. Might need to get creative…

The second limiting factor regarding performance is the size of my room. Perhaps the pulse is not strong enough to 'charge' or neutralise the room adequately to alter the listener's perceptions. Again, forum feedback recommends a second box (of any series) to be a significant (and some say, mandatory) upgrade.

The third limiting factor appears to be the included switch-mode wall wart power supply. Dedicated after market power supplies by companies such as KingRex or Channel Islands Audio are the preferred method of maximising the performance of the frequency generators.

I suspect I will go down these paths in the order of 1, 3 and 2. Option 1 should be implementable for 'free'. Option 3 is a few hundred dollar investment new, less if I can find a used box. The 1-3 combo should be enough to definitively determine whether there is a tangible change or not. If there is an improvement, then the incremental investment in a second Acoustic Revive RR unit will be worthwhile.

This brief journey has been fun so far and the results might be profound.