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5 CD Sets

I was in a local record store recently browsing for a copy of Donald Fagen's 'Sunken Condos' album (found, purchased and enjoyed) and stumbled across a bunch of 5CD sets of some artists that I know and love.

These sets published variously by Sony, EMI and Warner Music seemed a great way to get into the back catalog of these artists, specifically Bonnie Raitt, Roxy Music, Chris Rea, The Allman Brothers and The Monkees. I had previously purchased the 5 CD set of the original Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac so I sort of knew was I was getting into.


I am not expecting these discs to be high quality transfers and you can't expect miracle pressings for $A4 per disc. But if there are one or two musical gems hidden in these sets, then I can reach out and buy those albums in some hi-res format from Mobile Fidelity, HD Tracks etc to enjoy further. Or not, as these artists are part of my musical heritage and I enjoy them as much for the memories they invoke as for the music itself.

All in all, a most enjoyable 'transaction'!