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More new music

Unbeknown to me to me, there is a great music / hifi dealer in suburban Burwood selling all manner of digital and analog quality recordings. An exceptional range and knowledgeable staff. Get on down to Audiophile Reference Recordings and have some fun!

So what did we pick up? Well, I say we because Robin joined in and is an absolute terrier in a decent music store, grabbing all manner of recordings so if you turn your back for a moment she will have an armful heading for the checkout. I didn't endear myself with the store owner by regularly returning some of her selections to the shelves…

The real reason we were there was because Robin disliked our RedBook CD version of The Doors ' Morrison's Hotel' a long time favourite album of hers that the new Kronos system shows up warts and all. So:

- The Doors 'Morrison's Hotel' (LE #4800/?)
- Phil Collins 'Face Value' (LE #2432/?)
- Box set Deep Purple 4 studio albums (LE #882/5000)
- Boz Scaggs 'Boz Scaggs' (LE #2884/?)

All the above are Audio Fidelity 24K+ Gold remastered editions by Steve Hoffman

Then there are a couple of Japanese pressing K2HD Mastering Sony discs:

- Sarah McLachlan 'Surfacing' (LE #0532/?)
- Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins 'Neck to Neck'.

The haul was completed with the Ray Brown Trio supporting a collaboration of favoured vocalists on the FIM label and a Patsy Cline Greatest Hits by Analogue Productions.

If you read my treatise on the 'Sticky Fingers' album, then I cannot make the same claims of quality investigations of the albums above. But the labels are very credible and the products are of a decent standard I am sure.

Locked in and ready to load - 2015

Looking forward to many hours of enjoyment from these discs.