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2014 Australian AV and Audio Show

I wrote this post for our Australian hifi forum StereoNet Australia (SNA).

"My wife and I attended the show Saturday afternoon. Being a closed-minded sort of person, I attended the rooms that I hoped / expected would maximise my enjoyment. The following are my observations in no particular order.
Congratulations to Addicted to Audio for laying on much of their product range and almost all their high end gear on demonstration. I didn't get a listen to the Abyss thru the outrageous Woo Monos, but Audeze LCD X and a Cypher Labs tube monolith amp fed by an Anstel Kern hi-res player was a mighty fine combination. Spacious, energetic but smooth. A lot of interest around the demo table(s) with attentive support from the AtA folks.
Year on year, the Pure Music Group put on a great display of gear, sonics and engaging music. This year was no exception. Alternating between an Air Force One turntable (stunning even to digital ears) and an Antipodes Audio music server, Elektra pre-amp, and Gauder speakers (sorry missed the power amps), the sound was very fine indeed with sensible and considered musical selections. 
Although I didn't stay a long time, I still liked what I heard in the Audio Note room. A late entrant this year, driven by more cost effective products compared to last year, the sound was engaging and just enveloped and drew you in. My sense is that headbangers need not apply, but folks with room placement speaker issues maybe interested in the way the AN speakers are able to be 'stuffed' into room corners. It should be a big plus for some.
This is the third year that I have heard the Kyron Audio gear under show conditions and they continue to shine. The Kronos this year sounded expansive, detailed and pretty balanced in the room. One of the benefits of the dipoles appear to be a presentation that transcends the sweet spot (although it was a cool listening chair!) and delivers a pleasing image and sonics to those in off-centre seating positions. 
I wanted to hear the Brodman room (too busy sadly) and the Telos Audio room (switching technologies when I stuck my head in, but still no empty seats!). 
Overall, I enjoyed the afternoon. We met some new people, caught up with old friends and generally felt comfortable walking the halls and enjoying high quality audio equipment and music in the one location."

Michael Fremer of Stereophile magazine fame attended the show and was most impressed by the Kyron Audio Kronos. Check out his comments

Glad my order is already in!