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A headphone night

The Antipodes Audio DX Music Server had been off power for a couple of days and thought I should warm it up again before my new sub woofers arrive. It was a good opportunity to try some headphone listening.

So I dug out the 'old' Benchmark DAC1 from the den and the Grado GS-1000 phones, fired up ROON and had a decent session for an hour or so.

Headphone Rig
DAC1, DX and GS-1000 - 2107

The sound to my ears was a little flat (veiled) via the USB connection and I thought the overall combination was shaded by my Audioquest DragonFly 1.2 DAC/amp kit. Probably a good example of later technology over-shadowing previous generations even in a smaller form factor. It was great to be able to surf my entire library (over 1300 albums) from the iPad quickly and intuitively.