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Hi Fi Royalty In The House!

l was delighted to welcome 'Super Mustud' of SNA fame to our humble home today for a long overdue ''Royal Visit'. I have been to Mr Mustud's place several times and I kept promising to reciprocate but never delivered until now.

Frankly it didn't start well when the great man got lost at the front gate (!), was unsure then of the property boundaries and once inside was critical that he was not offered a wine when less than a third the way through his demanded light beer stubby.... I just put it down to jet lag and his minder/publicist being 'unavailable'....

Alex (left) and the intrepid host - 2013

Anyway, the good news was the day got better. Frankly, much better. A quick walk around the interior of the property re-aligned SM's bearings and we retired inside for some chat. And a bottle of 10yo Macallan... The thinking man's BYO...

Some convivial conversation was set aside when the BBQ soy chicken skewers hit the plate. After a respectable interlude, some very fine porterhouse steaks were delivered due, to be fair, a combination of the awesome skill, judgement and experience of the chef (me) and some silly over-priced temp-probe thingy that my guest thought rescued the day.... Luckily the salads were spared from the afore-mentioned intrusion... A superb 2002 Penfolds 389 matched the steak to perfection. Phew.

Tales of family, travels and work accompanied the main course and the home-made chocolate cake and fresh fruits were enthusiastically consumed with coffee.

Alex Focused...
Ultimate concentration - 2013

The afternoon wound up with a couple more 'cleansers' and my usual musical preferences, imposed on (polite) guests at uncomfortable volumes. Awesome!

I think a great day was had by all. Thanks Alex!