The Audio Geek!

The upgrades are coming...

After some lengthy inactivity followed by some soul searching, researching, listening and bank account calculating, a couple of significant audio upgrade decisions have been taken.

Firstly, I have ordered a pair of Mercury sub-woofers from Kyron Audio to complement my floor standing speakers currently in place. This will free up the existing Kronos speakers to do a bigger and better job of frequencies maybe above 40 Hz and leave everything below to the subs, especially the bottom octave that the existing dipole bass drivers didn't reach down to. This babies are custom made and will take some three months to arrive. Can't wait!

Secondly, as I am an all-digital listener, I need a 'front end' that supports more formats and internet-based technologies like music streaming.

Having auditioned the Antipodes Audio DX Reference music server in August last year at home, it was always near the top of my list when I wanted to move. And in mid April I placed an order for a black DX with 2TB of SSD storage. Delivery should only take about two weeks.

Reports to follow.