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KingRex PSU Mk11

The wall-wart power supply recently failed on my Acoustic Revive AR-888 Schumann Frequency Generator. As it was inside the warranty period I contacted Peter at Grooveworks website for a replacement. We had a discussion and subsequently agreed that a worthwhile upgrade would be to replace the switch-mode wall-wart with a dedicated linear power supply so the KingRex PSU Mk11 was duly ordered.

KingRex PSU and Acoustic Revive RR-888 in situ - 2016

In addition to the power supply upgrade, we also chatted about positioning of the RR-888. I had it a little over a metre off the floor sitting in the bar area. All the documentation, Peter's advice and forum discussions seem to strongly indicate that the generator should be at least 1.5 metres from the floor. That seemed no easy task for me. The only part of the listening room that reaches that height is the top of the CD rack and it is scalloped on top without a flat surface. Hmm. So I 'stole' a granite slab from the headphone system rack and rested that on top of the CD cabinet then placed both the KingRex power supply and frequency generator on the granite shelf. Looks a wee bit clunky if you stare at it but it doesn't stand out too much for the casual viewer / listener and the units are now approx 2.1 metres from the floor.

It has been in and running on power for three weeks now and I will start some critical listening shortly.