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Customer service Kyron Audio style

The Control Unit for our Kyron Audio system went off site for a couple of days for a quick bench / health check and a power supply calibration / upgrade and was personally delivered and re-installed by none other than Leon Suter, Founder and Director of Kyron Audio.

In addition to re-calibrating the DEQX room correction settings, Leon measured the electrical response of the speaker drivers for future comparison and reference purposes then set about playing his selection of demo tracks before confirming the system to be in rude health. Sure sounded great to me! Afterwards Robin and I had the pleasure of Leon's company and conversation over dinner.

The master at work - 2015

One of the reasons for the health check related to concerns about dust levels in our listening room and the ingestion of said dust through the top plate of the Control Unit. The longer term solution is a simple (but of course Kyron Audio custom designed) cover for the Control Unit when not in use, but in the short term we have re-configured the equipment rack to now have the Control Unit living underneath the top shelf. Air flow for cooling is fine and in fact the whole set-up looks a lot neater as well.

More functional, secure AND neater - 2015

So all things Kronos just keep getting better. Thanks for the awesome customer support Leon & Lee and we look forward to seeing you both again when you are next in town.