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Kronos - Why so quiet?

With the Kronos now in place for a month, it is interesting to evaluate our impressions, activities and actions as owners, compared to the 'frenzy' when we had the Kronos on evaluation six months or so ago.

The build quality & fit and finish is spectacular - 2015

Those of you that have watched this Hi Fi Journal will know that I am very happy to talk in enthusiastic terms about the systems that I have been exposed to. The first aspect that strikes me about the Kyron Audio Kronos is the overall QUALITY. When you have something short term on evaluation, perhaps you focus on what is important and in that case it was sound so you focus on that. For long term ownership, sure sonics are critical but other elements come into play. Ease of use, pride of ownership, configuration / input options etc and this is where the Kronos clearly shines.

The new north/south hifi orientation in our lounge room - 2015

From the simple controls on the delightfully weighted remote, to the various analog and digital input options, to the configurable profiles for specific output variations the Kronos is at once complex, but simple to operate. Music is simply only one or two clicks away.

Kronos by night - 2015