The Audio Geek!

The Kronos have landed!

The moment has come, and the Kyron Audio Kronos System has finally been built, tested and now delivered to the (empty) Humphries audio salon.

The call came late last week that it would be possible to deliver the new equipment on the coming Sunday morning. Almost enough time to bundle out the old gear, shuffle furniture into the corners, vacuum the cobwebs and wait…

As usual (well for the second time at least) Leon and Lee unloaded, unpacked, installed and configured the entire Kronos package in around an hour or so. This time, the set up was aided by a computer-generated installation map developed from very detailed room measurements Lee took some four or so weeks ago. The final magic comes of course with the included microphone connected and the DEQX software enabled and tone sweeps calibrating the room. A few mouse clicks (and a bunch of applied knowledge later) Leon gave the signal we were good to go. As a double check Lee cues up tunes on the Kyron Audio laptop he is familiar with and almost fanatically focuses on the reproduction to ensure that this system, OUR system, is giving what it should. Not surprisingly the verdict was extremely positive, due in part to the acoustic qualities of my room when properly managed by the DEQX.

Leon Suter dialling the Kronos to the room via DEQX - 2015

There was a significant change this time around from last. The system is now firing up the lounge room from the glass windows towards the front door rather than across. So there are now three 'bounded' sides firing at the listening chair with a void or open space behind. Also the configuration has the sweet spot in a very near field listening position with the speakers <3 metres apart and >2 metres from the central chair. Significantly different from the more distant, across room position of my 'normal system and the Kronos in our earlier trial. Interesting.

Then it was my turn to swap laptops and try my tracks. Pure music followed and all confirmed that the system was duly delivered as expected and operating superbly!

The Kyron Audio guys had other demands on a Sunday afternoon (as they should) so couldn't hang around so I was left with the opportunity to while away more of the day (until Robin came home) listening to the Kronos solo.


I have developed some detailed notes on the Kyron Audio purchase experience, demo, communications, engagement etc and I may or may not publish it, but the short answer is the customer care, service and engagement throughout our entire buying process has been first class. Thank you Leon and Lee, and the support team and suppliers behind you. And to think that this is just the start of the rest of our lifetime of musical pleasure.