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Bonkers for Boxed Set Bargains!

One thing about being laid up at home is that the Internet is your friend.

Via Acoustic Sounds in the US, I recently found The Beatles Remastered stereo boxed set at approx 50% off Australian RRP, so I took the plunge. Now I know I have most of the original CDs, plus The Beatles Mono Boxed Set plus the hi-resolution Apple USB stick but I can't resist a Beatles bargain. And the sound quality of the 13 studio albums, plus Past Masters is what you would expect. There is bonus 40 minute DVD containing mini-documentaries of the recording of the 13 albums. Excellent!

Beatles Stereo Set

Then this week, an audio buddy calls me to advise that the new Pink Floyd 'Discovery' boxed set, some 14 albums all remastered is available (locally) for half price. While I am not a card-carrying 'Floydy', I do like a couple of their albums and again it is a bargain. The sound quality is reputedly the best so far on CD but I will have a decent listen and share my views later. Also included is a colour 60 page book as well. Done!


These are on top of last years Bob Dylan Mono Collection and this Christmas's Paul Kelly A-Z recordings. Phew.